Strata Title and Property Inspection Reports

We are known to offer the finest strata title reports in Central Coast. Our strata property inspection report provides the following:

  • Financial status of the building, including the balance of owners’ funds, total annual levies and current levy statement for the subject lot
  • Past works history
  • Any current litigation involving the Owners’ Corporation
  • Pending building works
  • Special levies - current, proposed and past
  • Insurance policy details
  • Harmony issues and By-Law infringements
  • Where possible we provide a history of Expenditure for the past 6 years
  • Budget history for the past 5 years
  • Minutes of meetings

We are able to provide the following reports:

  • Strata Title Reports - $250.00
  • Community Association Reports - $250.00
  • Neighbourhood Association Reports - $250.00
  • BMC Reports - $250.00
  • Company Title Reports - $260.00

***The above prices are GST inclusive. Ready in 48 hours